Server Rules
(All these rules apply to the website too.)
1. Don't treat anyone like they are worth less than you.
2Don't call people rude names, if you are roleplaying that is allowed.
3. Don't ask for any roles (Mod, Admin, etc.)
4. Cussing is allowed but do not direct it towards players.
5. Don't use racial or homophobic slurs, even when roleplaying.
6. Don't spam or encourage spam.
7. Don't advertise servers or share IPs.
8. Keep roleplaying and chat PG.
9. Keep skins, and usernames appropriate.
10. If you find a bug or glitch, don't exploit it, report it to a staff member or on the site.
11. If you have a problem with someone in the community, do not point it out publicly, instead, contact a staff member.
12. If you are added to someone's area, don't grief or steal items, if you have been given permission to build and take items, that is fine.
13. Do not avoid confrontation with staff members. (Don't log out, tpa, etc).
14. Alts are allowed but please do not use them to farm money or troll players.
15. Don't use any hacked clients or anything that gives you an advantage, some mods are fine but double check with staff first.
16. Don't misuse channels beyond their purpose.
17. Don't make threats towards players, e.g "I'm going to ddos you".
18. Don't reveal people's private information.
19. Don't troll staff with /helpme.
20. If you submit an application, don't tell staff to check it or hint to them that you've submitted an application, they'll get round to reviewing it when they can.

(If you believe there are other rules we should add, please tell us.)

Roleplay Rules 
1. Don't avoid confrontation in roleplay situations by tp'ing away, logging out, running, etc.
2. Don't make RP overly dramatic
3. If your character dies for some reason, make a new one or switch to an existing one.
4. Your character's age can range from 12-30.
5. If you own a house, shop, office, etc, don't change the outside of it too much, you can make minor changes (maybe by adding plants, crops, fences,) you may alter the inside of it as long as it doesn't effect the outside.
6. If you have the Artist job don't create any explicit images, they must be kept PG.

To switch channels do /ch [channel], the channels available at the moment are global, local, help and RP. (If you want to quickly send a message in a channel, for example, you can do "/g [msg]"
The RP channels are RP, yell and whisper. (/w [msg], /y [msg], /ch rp)
To get help in the server from a staff member you can submit a ticket by doing /helpme, staff will always try and respond ASAP.
To find houses for sale you can do /as find
You can turn money into banknotes by doing /withdraw [amount]
- Some info may not be included in here yet, if you are curious about something, ask a member of staff. -