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Happy Life has now been released publically!

Please keep in mind that it is still in testing, if you come across any bugs/glitches report them.


IP: happylife.mymc.cf


3 months ago

What is the Artist job ?

The Artist job allows you to create IG pictures:





IG Name:


Why do you want this job?:

How long have you been a member of the server ?:

Do you understand the rules that come with this job? (See below):





Rules that come with this

You are not allowed to create a picture that takes up more than 9 blocks. On some occassions this rule may be bypassed but please ask a member of staff before doing so to check that it is okay.

All pictures created must be PG. No explicit content is allowed whatsoever, if you see an explicit image, report it.


~ Commands on how to use this will be DM'd to you ~





3 months ago